How To Improve Your Chess Calculation

We all wonder what thought processes are going in the mind of a chess Grandmaster as he or she stares at the wooden pieces on a 64 square board. It seems almost like a gift that sets apart strong players from weak ones. We, as chess lovers, we cannot help but admire this trait for it enables a player:

intreview with WIM Ana Gavasheli

Interview With WIM Ana Gavasheli

I’m Ana Gavasheli 34, from Georgia (a beautiful country), since childhood I’m in love with books (my first love) and chess (the second one) but not in chess books, I was reading them but not with that much pleasure the novels can give, which I think always was my big problem. Had a lot of success until my talent was enough for that, but as I mentioned my laziness stopped me from becoming one of the best players, which I think is achievable for any player who works hard and is a warrior inside, which I am not.

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