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11 Best Chess Youtube channels

There is a lot of chess youtube channels out there, whether you are looking for education or entertainment ther is plenty. It is the number of subscribers, likes or videos who determine which is good for you? Or it is the content it self? We looked to dezens of channels and we came up whith this list that we belive has the most educational and entertained content whit a good audience engagement.


with over one million subscriber and more than 400 millions view it is the biggest chess channel on YouTube, the Croatian Antonio Radić is one of the famous chess characters in the world, he has over 2000 videos on his channel in which he analyze chess games of world champions, top rated players and tournament, his style is very beginner friendly 10-20 minute long and he posts videos almost every day, sometimes twice a day, a lot of people loved the game watching his videos.
You can find a lot of playlist of grandmasters games Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura and Bobby fisher.
Some of the best playlists on his channels:

. Enjoy!

Saint Louis Chess Club

saint luis chess club

         Very instructive and rich channels it serves chess players of all levels they have a big library of videos (more then 3000), you will find lectures by grandmasters for different levels and different styles of teaching for kids, adults and beginners, intermediate and even advanced levels there is a lot of content in every aspect of the game. Some of the best playlists on his channels:



gingergm simon williams

      Simon Williams known as the gingergm he is an English chess grandmaster and author, an very well known as an aggressive player he has a unique method of teaching chess, he has produced a lot of good and books dvds and videos.
Some of his best work

Killer duch
Killer french
Jobava London system 


The chess website


One of my favorite chess channels on YouTube, I will recommend it to all beginners specially the opening and the middle game videos, in a simple words and in around ten minute you can get a very good overview on any opening and it’s most important variations. You will get a good overview and a solid foundation on all chess topics in a very short and condense video.

Whit over 400 videos and a half million subscriber you will get a large library of videos to choose from.

Best of  Kevin from

Chess openings
Chess middle game strategies
Chess traps


Youtube channel:


power play chess

Daniel John King is an English chess grandmaster, he has a very underestimated youtube channel whith 76k subscriber and more than 1600 videos which contain a lot of great information about chess games and hight indepth analytics.
Some of his best work



chess network

         Jerry is a very passionate chess player from Pennsylvania, USA his youtube channel is one of the first of its kind he has more than 1400 videos and 450k subscribers whith more than 200 millions views you can get a lot of information and you can improve in chess by watching his videos.
Some of his best work

Cool chess puzzles
Fisher random chess (chess960)
Garry Kasparov Chess Games

Additional good channels

         If you want to see how a grandmaster think while playing then this channel is for you  gm nakamura have his funny and unique style and you will definitely learn a lot of him his channel is the second most polular youtube chess channel whith more 800k subscriber and almost 1000 videos worth cheking.

         Both channels are very good and they present quick analyse of chess games in a very short videos 4-9 minute you will not get indepth analysis, but you can get entertained and also you can get a lot of short games in one opening so you can master it.


·        John Bartholomew & Eric Rosen

         Both are young  international masters who have a good content on different chess topics from openings to middelgame’s strategies traps and tricks to use against your opponent


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