A complete Chess.com review

The chess world is saturated with all these websites (this one included) that claim to help chess players improve and get a higher rating, each one has its own method, interface, and content and they all compete with each other and one of the famous ones is chess.com website.
According to the websites analyzer similarweb.com, the chess.com website is number one in its category and with over 50 million members from all around the world, players can play with each other or against the computer and make an in-depth analysis of their games and discover their weaknesses and strength all along with a big library of instructive videos in all chess aspects.

Chess dot com is a great place to learn chess the vast library made by chess masters and the strong in-depth analysis engine make it easier to learn practice and discover your weaknesses. In case you need any help you can find an answer to your problem in the chess forum or the blog, also you will get the latest chess news and updates. You can make friends there by following people and you can rest assured the website has a great cheating detecting system.

The website has a free membership with a seven-day trial And a paid membership with three categories gold, platinum, and diamond.

Free account

You can play as many games as you want there is no limit, and you get a limit of 3 puzzles per day and you don’t have the access to the lessons and you get an engine depth analysis of 26 which is great. You can watch the live chess TV where you can watch high-rated players play and comment on their and opponent moves. And you have the right to a free seven days trial for any membership. One of the annoying things is that you can’t play tournament and you will get ads on your screen unless you upgrade.

Is the chess.com premium membership account worth it?

The question should first be about the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put into chess. There is no doubt that the content could help you regardless of your current level. But if you don’t have enough time you may stick with the free or the gold membership. And the more time you have you can upgrade to platinum or diamond.

The lessons cover openings, how to create your own repertoire, how to expand your theoretical knowledge, and how to solve your opening problems. Middlegame strategies and plans, the different types of center, how to play with the two bishops, endgames and how to play them, pawn ending rooks, knight and bishop ending, and a lot more.

The video lessons are very helpful and that because they are not just some engine analysis with a human comment but they are very well organized and geared toward fixing ideas and methods of thinking rather than just explaining the great move suggested by the engine.

The three type of premium chess.com membership

  1. Gold:

for $29 Pre-Paid Yearly, you will get

    • 25 Puzzles per Day
    • 5 Puzzle Rush per Day
    • 3 Lessons per Week
    • Game Report & Analysis
    • Unlock All Bots
    • No Ads
  1. platinum

for $49 Pre-Paid Yearly, you will get

    • Unlimited Puzzles
    • Unlimited Puzzle Rush
    • 5 Lessons per Week
    • Game Report & Analysis
    • Unlock All Bots
    • No Ads
  1. diamond

for $99 Pre-Paid Yearly, you will get

    • Unlimited Puzzles
    • Unlimited Puzzle Rush
    • Unlimited Lessons
    • Unlimited Video Library
    • Game Report & Analysis
    • Unlock All Bots
    • No Ads


More then 150 thousand puzzles you have to explore and they get harder as your rating goes up, you can get up to 3 in the free account, there is some alternative you can use to get free puzzles for your training like lichess puzzles.

Puzzle Rush

An amazing and very amusing and popular feature by chess dot com where you solve as many puzzles as possible in the tame given it ads that pressure sense you get in a normal game where you have to make the right decision in your clock time.


Lessons are covering all levels from bingers and how to move the pieces and arrange them on the board to intermediate-level strategies and endgame studies to advanced level and more complex and in-depth lessons. All the lessons are restricted by the type of membership you have. If you have diamond then all the lessons will be available otherwise it is 3 per week for gold and 5 per week for platinum members.

Mobile app

The chess.com website has a mobile app for both android and IOS users, it’s so you can learn on your phone and not be tied to your laptop which can benefit you in your break time to solve some puzzles, play some games, or even watches a lesson.

Chess.com game analyses

It is advised to analyze your chess games your wins and losses, it helps a lot to discover the mistakes you fall into often and the opportunities you miss. That will guide you toward the things you should focus on to improve. Chess dot com gives a very good analysis for your games and summer up with a statistic for each type of mistake and the best moves you made.chess dot com analysis

book: that means you made a move that is suggested by the opening books reperitor.
missed win: in other websites, they just refer to it as a blunder but here you can get those kinds of blunders separate from ordinary ones.

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