Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess book review

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess 

The book discusses several topics and covers the basics element of the game that is necessary for any chess player to know and improve in the game. The book is sixty years old and during this period a lot of things happened, computer, new books, and great players. The book still stands out as one of the must-haves for any chess player and its value never decreased through time.

Improving in chess may be challenging for some, difficult or impossible for others, that’s why people tend to look for help in books video’s and personal coaches, and that why people with experience write books to transfer that knowledge .this book is no different and is just as the title says that Fischer will be teaching you chess.

Few books make an impact throughout the history of chess. This is one of the best chess books for beginners if not the best. In two parts you will learn the basics of chess and chess tactics.  It covers chess pieces and how they move, capturing and special moves, patterns, and how to checkmate.  It starts with an introduction and follows up with six chapters, everything is explained by pictures and comments, when you finish this book you will have a solid foundation and a good understanding of the game to start your chess journey

The first part covers the introduction to chess, all chess fundamentals how each piece move, how to capture, how to arrange the pieces on the board then Fischer explains the relative power of the pieces and then the special moves (castling, pawn promotion, and the capturing en passant)

The second part speaks about the checkmate patterns it starts with a checkmate in one and then moves ahead by the end of this part you will be able to see checkmate four moves ahead, The book will teach you to analyze chess problems better and how to find the right move fairly quickly.


  1. Elements of checkmate p15
  2. The back-rank mates P103
  3. Back-Rank Defenses and variations p155
  4. Displacing defenders P193
  5. Attack on the enemy pawn cover P236
  6. Final review P333

Our review

Beginner players: 5/5

Intermediate players: 4/5

Advanced players: 1/5

Overall it’s a very good book for beginners and a good refresher for intermediate players it contains more than 200 progressive and instructive puzzles that will help you build a basic sense of tactical awareness and a good chess intuition.


About bobby Fischer:

Robert James Fischer was born on the 9th of March, 1943, in Chicago, Illinois. Bobby was an American chess grandmaster and was the first American chess player to win the world chess champion (1972-1975),  one of the great aggressive players of all time he died in 2008.


Q. Is it enough to study chess?
A. It is good as a first step in the world of chess but there is a lot to learn and to study.

Q. Is the book printed wrong?
A. No, you just flip the book to solution it’s a design trick to make it harder to peak for the solutions before trying hard.

Q. How long is the book?
A. The book is in 348 pages.

Q. is Bobby Fischer teaches chess book for beginners?
A. It is the perfect book for beginners and a good revision book for intermediate players.

Q. is Bobby Fischer teaches chess book for intermediate players?
A. If an intermediate player wants to refresh his basic knowledge then yes, but it is not the best choice to learn new things.

Q. Who wrote Bobby Fischer teaches chess book?
A. Bobby Fischer with his two friends Dr. Margulies and Mr. Nosenfelder

Book details

  • Publisher: Bantam; Later Printing edition (July 1, 1982)
  • Author: Bobby Fischer
  • Coauthors: Dr. Margulies and Mr. Nosenfelder
  • Language: English
  • Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0553263153
  • ISBN-13: 978-0553263152
  • Reading age: 12 – 17 years
  • Item Weight: 6 ounces
  • Dimensions : 4.1 x 0.8 x 6.9 inches



In this example Fischer explains the interposition

    1. Black is in check he can interpose his bishop, but the white rook will simply capture it and mate in this case the interposition is useless

      back rank mate and interposition

  1. in this case, black is in check but he can interpose with the bishop and it will be protected by the king so it is a useful interposition, and white will not checkmate.

back rank mate and interposition

The book goes on for more complicated cases.

Can white mate in one move? Type of question if yes draws an arrow to show the mating move

check mate in one

Attack on the enemy pawn cover

         Attack on the enemy pawn cover in this position, the black f7 pawn is covering the king from the withe bishop attack and it is attacked by the white queen.

         Attack on the enemy pawn cover white takes the f7 pawn with his queen (sacrificing the queen ) and the black took with his rook.

          Attack on the enemy pawn cover   white checkmated black by moving his rook to the e8, notice that the black rook can not move because it is pinned by the withe bishop on b3


this was an example on how to attack the enemy pawn cover and use the pin and the back rank mate. the book goes on in depth and discuss much more ideas.


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