Interview With IM Armin Musovic(2)(1)

Interview With FIDE Master Armin Musovic

Today chess mentor is a special gest form Montenegro, an international chess master, who have a master degree in psychology and a good teaching experience and he gladly responded to our questions and provide us with great information that we hope to be a good asset to all chess lovers all around the world.


My name is Armin Musovic (originally Armin Mušović). I’m 31 years old, and I come from Montenegro, a tiny country in Europe. I lived only in my country, but I traveled a lot with chess. I finished my studies in psychology, and I had some experience with music (mostly I played guitar), but last few years my work is mainly based on chess (online coaching mostly).

I never planned concretely to become a chess master, I stopped playing chess when I was on the faculty of psychology, and when I finished my studies I came back to play. I started playing again, and ‘’suddenly’’ I reached 2300 ELO points and officially became 3rd FIDE master ever from my small hometown, Bijelo Polje. Since FM is the biggest title in my hometown, my ambition is to become IM in the next few years.

What Attracted You To The Game?

Chess was a very interesting game to me even from the first years of my life. It is very hard to explain what really attracted me to this game, but even when I was little, I knew that I will be able to do some magic with chess pieces. I remember that since I was 6 or 7 years old I was able to win all of my older cousins from the side of my father. Not to win all the games, but to win everyone at least once. I truly started to research chess when I was 13 years old. Then I started to play for a local club and started to read books, and after that championships and tournaments started to be a normal part of my life.

Armin Musovic

Who Is The Greatest Player Of All Time? Who Is You’re Favorite?

I think it will be always the question of who is better between these 3 players: Carlsen, Fischer, and Kasparov. In my opinion, Carlsen is probably the most precise player of all time. My favorite chess player and theoretician is Aaron Nimzowitsch.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Chess?

As a chess player, I experience chess as a beautiful sport and an aid in life when achieving various goals – socializing, traveling, meeting new people and cultures and sport self-realization. In general, chess helps us to think critically. Also, chess teaches us that no matter how good we are in the game, we’re always going to make some mistakes. That means that benefit of chess is to learn how to be better, and how to be stronger when we lose the game.

Your Projects

I started with streaming on twitch ( but I’m still not too much active there. Besides being chess coach on and lichess, I’m also coach on sites and I have also YouTube channel, but my work on chess content is still not serious. Maybe the reason for this is my online coaching, which sometimes can be exhausting.

Children And chess

I think that for the kids it’s very important to understand the total flexibility of the chess pieces. Connected with this, I think kids should do tactics a lot, but definitely not forget about other parts of the chess game. I will never forget how my father taught me – ‘’this pieces can go here, here and here. But if you go here, then this can happen…’’, and so on. Kids must understand the complexity of different moves in chess, but also they should not forget the threats of their opponents.

Is It Important To Have A Personal Coach?

It is very important to have a personal coach, especially for some more serious levels. It’s always better to analyze some positions with someone who is an expert than just to analyze them by yourself. If you’re missing something which is obvious, how can you know that if you don’t have a coach? Also, the coach is there to help you to prepare against someone concretely in tournaments.

The Difference Between 1.e4 and 1.d4 Openings

I can only say that 1.e4 and 1.d4 are the moves which every beginner should know little bit more. Reason for this is that these two moves are different in the meaning of chess approach – 1.e4 is sharper and it is possibly connected with some tactics, while 1.d4 is slower move with a lot of maneuvering. Beginners must know that that chess is sometimes just good tactics and sacrifices of the pieces, but sometimes it is just positional play with making no mistakes, and waiting for your opponent to create one.

What are the most common mistakes that stop people from improving?

People want to become better in short periods of life. That is usually impossible. Some people think that having chess lessons without great work will improve their game. This is completely wrong. You cannot be a very good player if you don’t work and practice hard. This is not just the fact for chess, but for anything else in life.

My advice is not to force anything. This doesn’t mean that hard work will not be there. I’m just trying to say that you should never put great emotions on your (usually) short-term goals. Because you can be hurt, and then playing chess can be your worst enemy and waste of time. Instead, try to analyze yourself, your way of play, your games, and you will find out where you are typically making mistakes. This can open a great number of ideas in the meaning of change may be to start with new openings, maybe to learn better some variations, maybe to avoid some ways of play in middlegame, or maybe to do tactics more. Analyze yourself and be calm. Being good at chess requires a clear state of mind.

Are Computers killing The Game Of Chess?

I think not. I think it’s actually the opposite. Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest successes of humankind, so how it can be bad? The way how we use it might be bad, but engines definitely opened a new way of thinking in chess. Computers may be killed the beauty of the game a little bit, but not the principles and correctness of the game!

Recommended Books

Final World

When you win or when you lose, when you become champion or when you blunder your queen, don’t forget that moves in chess are always going to be there, with or without you. Respect yourself, your time, and take the best from chess, because after all – chess is only a sport.

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