intreview with WIM Ana Gavasheli

Interview With WIM Ana Gavasheli

Today we have an interesting interview with a women international master Ana Gavasheli from Georgia, she kindly accepted our invitations and shared with us her chess journey.


I’m Ana Gavasheli 34, from Georgia (a beautiful country), since childhood I’m in love with books (my first love) and chess (the second one) but not in chess books, I was reading them but not with that much pleasure the novels can give, which I think always was my big problem. Had a lot of success until my talent was enough for that, but as I mentioned my laziness stopped me from becoming one of the best players, which I think is achievable for any player who works hard and is a warrior inside, which I am not.

WIM Ana Gavasheli

Why Chess?

To be honest, I don’t know why I love it that much, as said above, I don’t love either working on it nor the sportish part in it. I can say that I love thinking, even overthinking but in general. In chess, I’m very fast and when I try to be more serious over the board it’s very artificial and gives more trouble. But I love the ecosystem here, I love even that terrible feeling after you notice you’ve blundered, everything is so close to me as if I was born for playing chess all my life, which I’m sure is not true.

Chess Journey

My grandpa taught me and I can’t remember how it began, but what I can recall is that I started to beat the male members of my family but I could not win against one of my uncles, for that I needed a coach who helped me to accomplish this task. That started when I was eight, competitive chess. I was second in my first tournament and at 10 I got my first important title of Georgian champion. After that, I won some international tournaments against women and from 2006 have the title of WIM. I’m not very ambitious and will be glad if I manage to become WGM one day.

Right now I have students and work with them on various parts of the game. I am more responsible when coaching than as a player. I enjoy the endgame part the most.

When I was a kid I loved the book of Botvinnik very much, but now I can enjoy the games of Tal as I can feel the same when reading Karpov, so for me, it’s not about the concrete player, there are lots of great masters who can use wonderful ideas and give the life to the chess games.

One of the amazing advantages of playing chess for me was traveling a lot, if you’re an explorer by nature, then it’s for you, you explore the board and then you do the same with the city you travel.

WIM Ana Gavasheli

Chess For Kids

First of all, parents have to be sure that their kids like chess. When someone is going to spend their whole life working on it, it has to be adorable. Next is hard work, together with physical and mental health. But be sure, anyone can become a good player if it’s taken seriously.

Chess Advices

Biggest chess mistake

Most people don’t know that you can’t stop working on it, if you do this, you will be stuck. So continuous work is the key to success.

Best Chess Author

I’d recommend any of Dvoretsky’s books, they’re for the players of any level. To me, he is a great chess author.

Opening Selections

I’m not very strong in openings but from my 25 years of experience, I believe that it’s always better to start with e4 white and respond with e5 for black. from here we receive the play which every player should be familiar with. Later switching to more closed types of openings.

Are Computers Destroying the game?

The computer is doing “this” to almost everything in our lives and chess is of course a part of it. At some point it’s disgusting but I believe this is a new start, so let’s see.

what challenges do womens have in the game?

 I don’t think women have different challenges when playing the game rather than men. The only thing I can underline is that women play without compromises, which is more psychological but because of that, the games are funnier to watch. 

Why there are fewer womens than mens in this game?

This is not only a problem of chess but there also are lots of fields where women can’t feel equal to men and all this is because, we are too young as a civilization and still discriminate against people of gender, age, color, etc. I hope soon will be time when mankind stops doing this, as I can remember Leonardo da Vinci said that one day murder of animals will be considered the same type of violence as the murder of humans.

WIM Ana Gavasheli

What do you think about the gender division in chess

On the other hand, I don’t feel any bad cause of gender division, when Judit Polgar decided that she did not want to concur against women she only gained from that, so anyone can do the same. But maybe the men can feel a bit more discriminated in this situation, as we have a choice where to play, and they don’t.

About endgames and how to learn them?

 I’m not saying something new when I recommend starting with the pawn endgames, they are simpler and require good calculation skills, these positions are very interesting and fun to work with. Most important is to learn rook endgame well, we meet them very often, and they’re complex. Also, I’d pay attention to queen endgames, with lots of checks and lines to calculate.

What teaching/learning method do you recommend?

 When a beginner starts, the best way for me is to train calculation and visualization. Almost everyone starts with openings, remembering long lines, without understanding the gist, which can’t help to become a better player. Also, it’s very important to keep track, not missing a day, I always say half an hour every day is much better than working hours but then skipping days.

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