My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer review

My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer review


Replaying chess games on the board is an old school way of learning, it takes time ,concentration and a lot of effort but still one of the most effective ways to learn chess tactics, strategies and thinking processes. And to do so it is necessary to chose the best games to play and look for the best analysis, this book is on the best in this field with bobby’s commentary on the games you can expect a wonderful journey in the mind of a unique grand master that marked the history in his days.

In this book Fischer chose 60 games in ten years of playing between 1957-1967 including the game of the century when he was a teenager. Including three loses and 9 draws and 48 win in all competitions in USA championship, candidates’ tournament and Olympic matches. He goes in depth analysis of his games; it has been described as “classic of objective and painstaking analysis” and is regarded as one of the great pieces of chess literature.

Playing these games on a chess board while reading the book is very instructive and amusing, it will give you a great idea of how to think and plan, you will learn about chess strategies, tactics, planning and endgames.

On the chessboard lies and hypocrisy do not survive long. The creative combination lays bare the presumption of a lie; the merciless fact, culminating in a checkmate, contradicts the hypocrite. Emanuel Lasker”

Robert James Fischer

            One of the best chess players of all time he was born in the USA 1943 in Chicago, Illinois. The first American to win the world chess championship in the match of the century in Teykjavik, Iceland  September 1, 1972 against Boris Spassky .


Fischer came up with some interesting names for these games (slaying the dragon, meat and potatos and the black magic)

He introduce every game with

  • Players names
  • Competition and the date
  • Opening name
  • Title
  • Small introduction
  • Game analysis

Those games where  played  in privet, tournaments, championships including

  • USA open championship
  • candidates’ tournament
  • Usa junior championship
  • Open championships
  • others


                Most of the openings played are the Sicilian defense, Ruy lopez and the king’s Indian defense and there are some other opening like Caro-Kann and Evans gambit and the Grunfeld defense and there are other less frequently played ones.

  • Sicilian defense
  • Ruy lopez
  • Evans gambit
  • Kings Indian defense
  • Caro –kann defense
  • King’s gambit
  • Gruenfeld defense
  • French defence
  • Semi-tarrasch defense
  • Queen’s gambit decline
  • Center counter defense
  • Two knight defense

Oure review

Beginner players: 2.5/5

Intermediate players: 5/5

Advanced players: 5/5

Book details

  • ASIN : 190638830X
  • Publisher : Batsford; Illustrated edition (April 7, 2009)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 384 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 9781906388300
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1906388300
  • Item Weight : 1.27 pounds
  • Dimensions : 6.13 x 1.14 x 9.25 inches

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