The best chess puzzle website to learn and practice(1)

The best chess puzzle website to learn and practice

How to use Lichess puzzles to improve your chess game

How to use Lichess puzzles to improve your chess game:
By solving chess puzzles daily, you can improve your tactics and build
your chess muscles, knowing that you should have access to a big library
of puzzles and a perfect app or software to analyze your performance so
you can have an insight of your weaknesses and strengths.

Lichess website has some cool features that you can use to do exactly
that for you, with over 1.5 million puzzles for all levels, and a solid
built-in system. You can enjoy solving puzzles with different methods and
even compete with other players in a puzzle race or yourself with the
puzzle storm.

Lichess puzzels

Solving chess puzzles has and will always be the best way to build your
tactical awareness, including your ability to spot hanging pawns and
pieces, make sacrifices, use pins and skewers, improve your middle game
strategies, and positional play.

Standard puzzle

The classical way of solving puzzles where you get a position and you
are asked to find the best move with no time pressure. After
submitting your answer you will get additional point to your rating if
your answers were right. You will lose some if your answer is wrong,
and you can use Lichess engine to analyze the position further and check
some variation you may have thought of, or just see the continuation.

Puzzle Storm

It is an interesting and funny way to approach puzzle solving. You
get a fixed amount of time, generally 3 minutes, to solve as many puzzles
as you can. You will play the same color and get a point on each right
answer and they get harder as you move on. And it does not affect your
puzzle rating at Lichess.

lichess puzzel storm

Puzzle Racer

The idea is to solve as many puzzles as possible in  90 seconds. You
will be competing with other players, and for each right answer you will get
one point.The player with the high score wins the race after the
time ends.

You can play public race with players from Lichess or make a private one
and invite your friends.It does not affect your puzzle rating.

lichess puzzles racer

Puzzles Dashboard

In the dashboard sections, you can find a lot of useful tools and


In this section, you can choose which kind of puzzles you would like to
play in each phase of the game. You can choose to train on forks, double
attack, defensive moves, zugzwang and more. I would suggest that you
look in the section of dashboard analysis to learn about your weakness,
and then train on them in this section.

Puzzles dashboard analysis

A quick overview of your performance, how many you have played, a
percentage of your successes and failures, and an overall map of your
strengths and weaknesses.

improvement area

Lichess will give a quick idea of where you should focus your attention,
it may tell you that you should work on pins, forks, or checkmate

lichess puzzles improvement area


The areas where you perform well, to boost your confidence and give you
motivation to keep going.

lichess puzzel strength

Puzzle history

In this section you can review you past solved puzzles and replay or share them.

From my games

In this section, you can find puzzles on the database that were taken from your games or you can enter the username of any chess player and see puzzles from his games.

Final word

lichess has done great work in term of making the training very easy and brought a lot of puzzles to the platform, and all that you have to do is to make use of what is available on the website, I hope you enjoy and improve.

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